Steps to Posting an Application

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    Steps to Posting an Application
    1. Ok, first off, decide if you want to be staff.
    - Did you decide no? Well, no problem, no harm done. You can stop reading now and go on with your life.
    - Decided yes? You want to be staff? Continue on.​

    2. Look at the format and read it all through.
    - Do you not know how to answer? Spend more time on the server and learn how the server works before you make an application.
    - Think you know the answers? Continue on.
    3. Decide if you still want to be staff and have what it takes to be one.
    - Did you decide no? Well, no problem, no harm done. You can stop reading now and go on with your life.
    - Decided yes? You still want to be staff? Continue on.
    4. Copy and paste the format onto something that you can use to write your application.​
    - A program that we recommend would be Google Docs as you can easily allow other people to read it and check it before you post it.
    5. Start answering the questions honestly.​
    - If it says to list something, make sure you actually list it. As most people dont appear to know what a list is, i am including a definition. list: a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively, typically one below the other.
    6. Finished answering all the questions? Go back through and check it.​
    - Make sure you didnt miss any questions.
    - Use a spell checker. We recommend that you use grammarly as it checks more then just your spelling. Your application looks better when its not filled with mistakes.
    - Check that the answers are appropriate for a Helper position.​

    7. Get someone else to read it to see if it makes sense.

    8. Once it has been checked multiple times, copy it over to the Forums.

    9. Before you post it, make sure the format is still correct.​
    - Make sure the questions are in bold, and that your answers are not.
    - Make sure the correct spaces are used between the groups of questions.
    - Check that everything is still there.
    10. Once you are satisfied that it is all answered and follows the format, go ahead and press the 'Create Thread' button.

    If you think of any steps I may have missed, comment below and I'll add it in.​
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