Rules and Guidelines for Posting a Staff Application

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    Rules and Guidelines for Posting a Staff Application
    When applying, please keep in mind to keep your answers relevant for a Helper as that is the position that you are applying for.

    A lot of people seem to have issues when it comes to posting a staff application. To make it easier for the staff who have to read them, this guide has been created so that hopefully players can improve the quality of the applications.

    Have you just scrolled through the post and thought ‘Argh, this post is so long, I really don't want to read it all… Maybe I'll just read a bit and then go post my application…’. Ha! You're in for a surprise. Don't cry when you get denied.

    Do not ignore this post. The Rules and Guidelines for Posting a Staff Application should be taken seriously. The rules and the guidelines are mixed in so that it is impossible to tell what has to be included and what is only a suggestion, so ignoring the information here may result in your application being denied. There are many things that we, as staff, agree shouldn’t appear on an application. We're not gonna tell you exactly what that is, though you should be able to work most of it out if you actually read this post.

    Before we really begin, here's a bit of advice: Make multiple copies of your application. Do not post the first version on the forums. The first version is usually terrible and contains multiple mistakes that make you look bad. Take time to write it, so if you get stuck on a question, you can leave and go back to it later. Show us that you actually care. Please, spare us the agony, and check your application before you click that tempting ‘Create Thread’ button.

    Ok, now that is out of the way, let's get down to business.

    Be careful of how you answer your questions. It is easy to tell who lies while answering the questions, so answer honestly. Lying in the answers will not benefit you in any way and will sabotage your application.

    Keep your answers relevant to a Helper position! This has already been mentioned, but it needs to be repeated as it will always be important. When applying, people should ensure their answers do not include things that Helpers do not have access to. Helpers should never jump to doing a moderator job such as muting and banning. Their focus should always be the chat and helping people.

    Do not post an application for ‘fun’ or for a ‘joke’. It will be instantly denied and you may lose your ability to post in the future. If you want to make a post for fun or as a joke, use the miscellaneous section. Being staff is often a serious matter and we do not appreciate people making fun of our application format. While you are allowed to have fun and joke around, being staff means you must set a good example for the rest of the community. If you are unable to take your duties seriously, do not waste our time.

    In the Staff Application Format, you are informed that:
    *You MUST copy and paste this format and answer EVERY question.*
    This was not added for fun! For some reason, people still post applications that don't follow any form and often don't make much sense. People also seem to feel that it is okay to leave out questions and rearrange the format to suit them. No! That's not the point of there being a format!

    The warning was put there to ensure that everyone would be aware that the format must be followed. If there is a space between questions on the format, there must also be a space between questions on your application. If there is a dot point provided on the format, you must use dot points for your answer. If your answer only uses one of the dot points that are already provided, you may remove the extra dot points. You are allowed to add more if necessary to answer the question. This is to ensure that we are not reading an enormous slab of text and so that we can easily see your answers.

    Leaving a question unanswered is almost as bad as editing the format to suit yourself. Please, don't be lazy, just answer the questions. Repeating your answers just because we said they all have to be answered is terrible. Don't do it. Each question is unique, and so the answers should be as well, and that means no quick generic answers. But then, do you have the opposite problem? Too much to say? Well, we don't want to read it. If it isn’t relevant, leave it out. We would rather you not write anything than to just write random shit.

    A common error that a lot of applicants seem to make is putting an answer after the wrong question. Pay attention to what you are doing. Also, if you feel the need to elaborate on some of you answers at the bottom in the ‘Is there anything else which you would like to add which you feel is important that isn’t covered in any of the previous sections?’ then it means you didn't properly answer the question the first time around and should probably go back and actually answer it. That section at the bottom is for you to add things that you think is important that we haven't already asked. Read the question, it explains itself.

    Congratulations on making it this far. I'm surprised. People so love to sabotage themselves so I didn't think anyone would make it this far. Sadly, you need to keep reading. Don't want to keep reading? Well, Buh-Bye and good luck on your endeavours. Now, back to the point, have fun reading.

    Just because the format is in bold, does not mean your answers should be. The questions are in bold so that we can easily separate them from your answers. Pay attention and unbold your answers before post your application because surely you don't want to look like you can't even follow simple instructions.

    We despise copy-cats. If you are so unoriginal and lazy that you must copy someone else’s application, why the hell are you even applying? Don't waste our time. Be creative. Be unique. Be special. Come up with your own ideas, especially with the strengths and weaknesses. Do not write something just because someone else did. They probably messed up and poor you if you made the mistake of copying their fail. If you have stooped so low that you have copied someone else’s application, wave goodbye to your chances of being staff because they just left without you.

    When we ask ‘How many hours would you say you spend on New Heaven each day?’ we don't want a basic answer telling us that you spend as much time as possible on the server. Of course you do, you're a dedicated player, right? You need to actually specify how many hours you spend on New Heaven. Please also specify hours for both weekdays and weekends, as we know that people often have different amounts of free time depending on the day of the week.

    You're new? Welcome! Stick around, have fun, enjoy your freedom, just don't post a staff application. Still want to? Don't. If you haven't even been on the server for a week, you don't stand a chance. We appreciate you being here, we just don't want your application just yet. Learn the uniqueness that is our server and community and then try applying.

    Do NOT directly mention other servers in your application. Hey, look! It's one of those sabotage moments! Many players seem to believe that it is necessary to advertise for another server while applying. While we encourage you to mention your previous experiences, we do not want you advertising for the other servers, whether they still exist or not. When we ask ‘What experiences do you have with moderating a community or game?’, we are not asking for you to say what servers you have been staff on. We only wish to know if you have been staff before, and what positions you held. You may refer to another server, but directly mentioning the name or IP of another server will have your application either denied instantly or edited to have the server names removed. Either way, it looks bad for you...

    Preeetttty colours. So tempting! Must use! No! Restrain yourself. Plain black and white is perfectly fine. Some of us are colorblind or sensitive to large amounts of colour so if we can't read your application, well, we just won't read it. It's a damn nuisance trying to read an application when we can't even see the writing, so leave your love of colors in the other sections.

    As mentioned before, don't rush your application. If it lacks the detail required, it's gonna get denied. We don't expect every answer to be long, we just don't want every answer to be short one-word answers. Show us that you know what you are talking about. One major spot that a lot of people seem to be lacking, is the strengths and weaknesses. Come on, everyone has them, so start listing. Oh, and there's another thing. Actually list them. It's not supposed to be a slab of text. Each strength and each weakness should have its own little dot point to keep it company. If necessary, ask someone for help with your strengths and weaknesses. Do not leave them blank simply because your mind is.

    When answering ‘In what ways could you positively contribute to the community?’ please, do not just answer that you can help the players. That would literally be your job! We know that is how you would contribute because you should already be doing that. Give us a good reason. Give us a better reason. Give us the best reasons. Show us how you could help the community. Show us why you care about becoming a member of staff. And make sure you can actually do it...

    Although good grammar and spelling is not an absolute requirement as we understand that not everyone speaks the same language and that not everyone is fluent, some basic punctuation such as full stops are actually required! We do not wish to read an extremely long sentence that should be multiple small ones… Spelling mistakes are fine, not many people go without making some mistakes now and then, but if the majority of your application is misspelt, we may not take it seriously. If you say you're fluent in English, but then fail to spell things correctly and have terrible grammar and punctuation, guess what? You're a liar now!

    There are programs out there that can check your application for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors before you post it. If you paid attention at the beginning, you're advised to write and rewrite your application before posting. This process should fix your mistakes.

    Now that we are nearing the end, we ask that you actually stop and think about it. Don’t just apply for the sake of applying. If you only want the bragging rights of saying you’ve made it past the first round of applying, don't waste our time. Think about whether you actually want the responsibilities of being staff if you make it there. You will have to stop what you are doing constantly to help others. Like, literally, over and over and over again. Constantly ignoring the players because you are in the middle of something will probably lead to you being demoted for failing to do your job.

    Are you unable to concentrate on the chat most of the time? Do not apply. You need to read the chat to be able to answer the players questions.

    Don't like or want to help the newbies? Do not apply as that is what most of your job will be.

    Have no patience? Anger quickly? Get stressed easily? Do not apply. Players can be aggravating and stressful. Sometimes they even ask the same question as someone a few minutes ago! You definitely need some patience to deal with them.

    Do you hate having to log onto the forums just to read a few posts? Do you absolutely hate talking to others and avoid it at all costs? Do not waste our time by applying. You must check the forums and talk to us. We don't bite. Well, okay, we do sometimes, but not all the time.

    Are you constantly taking breaks from the server and coming back thinking ‘huh… whats this? When was this added?’ then don't apply. You need to be able to keep up with the changes. As a Helper, you need to be able to help other players and you can't do that if you have no clue what's going on. You also need to be active. If you aren't online then you can’t do your job. If you can't do your job, it's Buh-Bye to you.

    Well done on making it to the end. If you still wish to do this your own way, I say farewell to thee. Enjoy your time watching your hopes and dreams of being staff run away with your chances. If you actually read this entire post, I sincerely congratulate you and encourage you to write an application. With your newfound knowledge, you should do well.
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