Network Updated to 1.9
We are pleased to announce that New Heaven has successfully updated to 1.9 while maintaining the majority of our plugins in tact and updating them. A lot of people have mixed feelings about it since we updated significantly early before things like Optifine or core bug fixes came out. Vinpin and I were going back forth about it and concluded this was better in the long run to have us stand out and entertain our regulars.

The good news about this is that the new items are working just fine and many of our plugins that were updated have more features. One being that when MyPet is finished setting up, players can trade pets with each other. The aspect of PVP is still controversial among the community but we are working on have KitPVP the same mechanics in 1.8 because we want to keep it a fast paced game-mode.

The bad news is that there are still features to be implemented again, such as pets in Creative, dueling in KitPVP, and double jumps in Skyblock. It's sad to say that due to the developer of the Werewolf plugin not releasing a 1.9 update and the fact that every late release he has done so far have been getting worse and worse, we are forced to drop that plugin and think of a better replacement for Werewolves in Survival.

When we have more donations we plan to look for an active developer to recreate some of our plugins for 1.9 if they aren't too big of a project and if they are willing to work with code that is not their own. (Newsflash for the average person: coders hate working with other people's code. It makes the job a hundred times harder having to understand their setup to then write their own setup around it.)

Anyway, welcome to 1.9. Whether you love it or you hate, it changes up things and finally got us some long awaited updates on some of our favorite plugins.
Website Updates

As you can probably already tell since you are reading this update thread, we've put a lot of work into updating the website. We've installed a whole new theme, designed a brand new logo and added a beautiful shaders background to make the website look more professional.

We've also updated the Donation Shop with the same background and logo to match the website and added the newest voting site to the Voting List page.

Don't forget to vote for the server daily to receive awesome in-game rewards, it helps us out a lot!
Update on KitPVP
I apologize in advanced for not posting this sooner. There was a lot of work to be done and we recently just finished the checklist.

The first news I'd like to say is that many of the kits (about a third) were removed due to being too overpowered or just didn't get enough kills. The kits that were removed are listed:
  • Angel - Due to abuse of flying to camp
  • Demon - Due to one shots if nearly dead and no real counter
  • Bard - Not enough kills even when using the song
  • Wizard - Not enough kills even when stunning everyone
  • Quaker - Not enough kills
  • Calvary - Horses bugged up. Will implement again without the bug soon
  • Summoner - Not enough kills. Will implement again with a different set of spells
  • Worgen - Died too easily and became extremely overpowered when transformed. No real counter
  • Engineer - Spells were broken to the point the grenade one-shot everyone
  • Alchemist - Little to no kills. Potions don't work well when enemies have spells.

Many were angry with me for removing some of their favorite kits, but let's be honest here. Angel was used to camp and Demon was the noob one-shot class. I wanted to lessen crowd-control and AOE spells since many of them didn't really help get kills or kills never counted since the server can't tell where the damage originated.

Along with this, I spent a good amount of time boosting and nerfing some of the kits. Here's a quick summary:
  • Guardian - Knockback was switched to the shield instead of sword.
  • Predator - Attack stats was lowered by 0.5 HP.
  • Monk - Meditation height was lowered by a block or two depending on how you activate it.
  • Pyro - Uses an AOE firespell instead of Lava Geyser. Kills count from this spell.
  • Mage - Freeze now does 5...