Network Rules

These rules are to be followed at all times whilst playing on the Minecraft network and it is the guidelines by which staff discern what is legal to do in-game.
No hacking, exploiting bugs, or unfair mods. This is includes but is not limited to X-Ray, Flying, Reach, Kill-Aura, and Fast-Clicking. (Mini-map Mods and Optifine are permitted.) Being caught with this leads to a ban on sight, unless staff are instructed otherwise.

No disrespecting staff or other players. Crude/dark humor is allowed under the basis that no one is genuinely offended by it. If so, you are instructed to change the subject. This includes but is not limited to sexual innuendos, homophobia, racism, or offensive builds. This will lead to a mute. If someone disrespects you, it does not give you the right to disrespect back. Simply /ignore the player and report it to a staff member. If it becomes a harassment, the harasser may be subject a mute or even a ban.

No spamming, advertising, or posting links. Spamming is defined as unwanted or repetitive content. This includes repeating similar messages or flood the chat. Posting URL and IPs are considered advertising if directly or indirectly lead to another Minecraft server. Even if you are a donor and bypass URL/IP filters, you are not to post links or IPs. This will get you muted on sight.

No VPNs, proxies, or evading punishments. VPNs and proxy IPs are generally used for evading mutes and bans. If you get punished, even if unfairly, do NOT evade it. Our network detects and auto-bans proxy IPs and staff are alerted when someone uses multiple accounts and will ban you on sight.

Staff have the final say in punishments. If you feel a staff is punishing unjustly do NOT debate them. Accept the punishment and later report them to a higher-up. If done...
EULA Changes, Upcoming Plans, and Summer Sale
Many of you may have noticed a lot of the changes that has happened recently. For the past month, I have been focused on my studies for the semester, and so I am now finally able to work at fixing up the server as well as work on new features.

First thing to note is the changing of donor perks to comply with the EULA. Summed up, the EULA says we are no longer allowed to sell currencies, items, or exclusive perks that are non-cosmetic. We are not intending to bypass or find loopholes around the EULA, so we have stripped off all the non-cosmetics and implement many more trails, particles, wings, etc. We plan to add more to these ranks, such as discounts on everything else on the shop and weekly rewards that upon redemption will affect everyone on the server online.

Secondly, we plan to revamp the servers that have felt under-appreciated. Creative is going to have a new look soon, with things like private chats, build contests, a new rank-up system, and bring up the chance to have maps or builds be used as official builds for the server if all of the staff approve of it. Skyblock will have the economy expanded greatly, as well as a casino and sky arenas. We do plan to add a Factions server when we have the funds for it! It costs money to expand and we hope to get more players before we work on adding a new server.

Lastly, I would like mention that we do have a 10% off everything on the donation shop until September 1st. This is because we hope to encourage people to contribute to the server so we may be able to expand and advertise more to increase traffic. If you guys have a suggestion for donor perks that comply with the EULA, let me know in this thread. :)
Network Updated to 1.9
We are pleased to announce that New Heaven has successfully updated to 1.9 while maintaining the majority of our plugins in tact and updating them. A lot of people have mixed feelings about it since we updated significantly early before things like Optifine or core bug fixes came out. Vinpin and I were going back forth about it and concluded this was better in the long run to have us stand out and entertain our regulars.

The good news about this is that the new items are working just fine and many of our plugins that were updated have more features. One being that when MyPet is finished setting up, players can trade pets with each other. The aspect of PVP is still controversial among the community but we are working on have KitPVP the same mechanics in 1.8 because we want to keep it a fast paced game-mode.

The bad news is that there are still features to be implemented again, such as pets in Creative, dueling in KitPVP, and double jumps in Skyblock. It's sad to say that due to the developer of the Werewolf plugin not releasing a 1.9 update and the fact that every late release he has done so far have been getting worse and worse, we are forced to drop that plugin and think of a better replacement for Werewolves in Survival.

When we have more donations we plan to look for an active developer to recreate some of our plugins for 1.9 if they aren't too big of a project and if they are willing to work with code that is not their own. (Newsflash for the average person: coders hate working with other people's code. It makes the job a hundred times harder having to understand their setup to then write their own setup around it.)

Anyway, welcome to 1.9. Whether you love it or you hate, it changes up things and finally got us some long awaited updates on some of our favorite plugins.