Werewolf Plugin Returns
Just a short announcement that I have been working on making the Werewolf plugin work for 1.9.X. Currently, it works but anything to do with packets and metadata was removed for the time being. This means werewolf skins and anything related to skins is removed while still preserving the rest of the plugin.

Bear in mind that the plugin is still not yet complete. If errors occur, contact a staff member. The PVP Toggle plugin will still remain on the server even though it makes bounty hunting and becoming the Alpha impossible, I plan on making the highest level werewolf in the clan the new Alpha. This method makes much more sense and we won't have to force people into PVP.
New Trailer

Network Rules

These rules are to be followed at all times whilst playing on the Minecraft network and it is the guidelines by which staff discern what is legal to do in-game.
No hacking, exploiting bugs, or unfair mods. This is includes but is not limited to X-Ray, Flying, Reach, Kill-Aura, and Fast-Clicking. (Mini-map Mods and Optifine are permitted.) Being caught with this leads to a ban on sight, unless staff are instructed otherwise.

Always respect other players and staff members. Crude/dark humor is allowed under the basis that no one is genuinely offended by it. If so, you are instructed to change the subject. This includes but is not limited to sexual innuendos, homophobia, racism, or offensive builds. This extends to anything that could cause drama within the community. This will lead to a mute. If someone disrespects you, it does not give you the right to disrespect back. Simply /ignore the player and report it to a staff member. If it becomes a harassment, the harasser may be subject a mute or even a ban.

No spamming, advertising, or posting links. Spamming is defined as unwanted or repetitive content. This includes repeating similar messages or flood the chat. Posting URL and IPs are prohibited regardless of the content in the link in the global chat. This is to prevent the possibility of IP trackers or malicious links. This does not mean you can give a link or IP to another server or any of its contents. Even if you are a donor and bypass URL/IP filters, you are not to post links or IPs. (Links to the server's website are exempt from this rule.) This will get you muted on sight.

Do not beg or harass other players or staff. This means you cannot keep bugging or messaging, whether global chat or PM, for anything. This also means players cannot beg for staff. This...